Orphan Black (TV Review)

Orphan Black (TV Review)

A story about a streetwise hustler who is pulled into a conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of someone who looks just like her sounds like a brilliant concept on paper but after watching two episodes I cant figure out if I am hooked or just watching in the hope that it is going to get better.

Orphan Black is a TV show that is created by BBC America but is being shown on BBC Three, this appealed to me as there are many shows from BBC Three that I love, Being Human, The Fades and Him and Her to name a few. So, when I heard about this show and how it was about cloned humans I immediately thought of Fringe and downloaded the first episode onto my Sky box.

I am not saying that it isn’t interesting and captivating, there is just a one thing I have an issue with. The first scene definitely pulls you into the show, Sarah is standing on a platform waiting for the train when she sees someone who looks exactly the same as her jump in front of it. Whilst everyone is running to see if the jumper is alive, she grabs all of the jumper’s belongings and flees the scene. After delving a bit into the jumper’s past she decides to take on her identity so that she can get to her vast amounts of money, this of course leads to complications. It is a great opening story and by the end of the first episode you are introduced to another one of the cloned ‘Sarah’s’ so it does make you want to watch the next episode too.

The main issue that I have is Sarah’s accent. She is a hustler who was in foster care, she does have a brother who features heavily in the episode as he helps her to take on the new identity. He goes to the morgue and says the body of the jumper is Sarah. Felix is English and has a very good posh English accent. Sarah’s isn’t that great, its a mixture of English, Irish and then I suspect her own accent popping through. In the next episode you do meet her Foster Carer who is Irish so I think there may be a reason for it but I just cant help myself thinking, is that a really bad English accent? It does therefore unfortunately make my mind wander a little bit when she is back as Sarah and I don’t really focus on the scene as much as I should do.

Not watching the second episode because of a mismatched accent didn’t seem fair to me, so, I persevered and as you are introduced to a couple more of the clones and you start to think about the different personalities that actress Tatiana Maslany has to portray. On reading up on the show I can start to see why she has been nominated for a Golden Globe amongst other awards and I am only two episodes in.

Am I therefore going to watching the third episode because I am hooked or because I am waiting for it to improve? It’s a mixture of both, I am waiting to see if there is a reason behind the accent and I would like the story to pick up a bit more pace but I think the amount that has happened so far has hooked me enough to stick with it.  I must remember that it probably isn’t going to have the biggest production around it like these big HBO shows that I am used to, but it is still jam packed with an intriguing story and surely that is all that is needed, I urge anyone to watch this and see if they agree with me. I can forgive a bad accent if the story is compelling enough, can you?

Gemma Voakes – Pearson

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