New Video: Pool – Lipstick



German Alternatives ‘Pool’ have released a brand new video for their single ‘Lipstick’.

Set in a bar, the video follows a man and woman as they have sexual encounters in various locations of the bar.

For a fast paced song the video doesn’t quite keep up but the narrative however does follow the context of the song, which isn’t always necessary, but in this case seems fitting. Now, the German’s aren’t normally known for their sense of humour, however for fans of tongue and cheeky comedy mixed with a little bit of blurred lines, you can appreciate the light hearted nature of the video.

The video for ‘Lipstick’ is a little risky towards the end with a slightly controversial scene of oral sex, but still entertaining to see a woman turn in to a sex crazed predator, leaving the guy wanting so much more.

Through the amateurish nature of the video you find glimmers of entertaining factors and the song is worth a listen to if you are in to electro – indie type music, it’s just a shame the video let’s it down a little in it’s slow pace.

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