This Is The Time, the debut single of Texas originated band Nothing More is the perfect preview into their self-titled premier album which will be released on June 23rd.

Starting off slowly with ethereal voices and a synthetic feel (think Evanescence in their hey day), it suddenly flips into heavy drum beats and ever so slightly too angry lead vocals. I’m not a huge fan of rock but however, I do like this. The song is impassioned and catchy; you can almost feel their talent spilling out of your speakers.

The visual aspects of the video are stunning; the perfect balance of beautiful nature shots intertwined with water pouring on to them as they sing works well on its own but is highlighted because of the intense passion shown by the four piece band.

They have been previously described as being ‘lyrically sophisticated’ and ‘frenetically passionate’ and after listening to only one song, I could not agree more. The band describes this single as ‘their fight for changing themselves so that others will change for the better’, hinting that their philosophical undertones is what will make them stand out against others in their genre.

This Is The Time is currently No 11 at Active Rock Radio in the US and their appearance at Download on Saturday 14th June has been confirmed.