New Video: Lust For Youth – Illume

Danish synth – pop trio ‘Lust for Youth’ release their second single from their eagerly anticipated debut album ‘International’ called ‘Illume’.

Set with a back drop of old Hollywood glamour, this video portrays a hint of stylised sadness that is complimented by the beautiful scenery. They remind me of a modern version of Pet Shop Boys. the suits, the sound, the subtle undertones. For those that like the 90s electro – synth pop era then I can safely say you’d probably appreciate a bit of these guys.

‘Illume’ is a very visual video, though accompanied by music it is almost as if it is silent, beautiful in it’s simplicity, you can feel the emotion of the two characters. The song doesn’t really need to be there, it’s a tale all on it’s own. That is not to say that the song itself isn’t good, because it is, but the video is art and the use of imagery makes you feel the song.

I recommend a watch, appreciate the beauty of it and take in the craft.

Their album is due out June 9th.

4th April     Quarter/ Chetvert, St Petersburg RU
5th April     DOM, Moscow RU
15th April    Train (w/ When Saints Go Machine) Aarhus, DK
16th April    Store Vega (w/ When Saints Go Machine) Copenhagen, DK
7th June     Final Party Distortion, Copenhagen DK
1st July      Rough Trade (Instore), London UK
2nd July     Shacklewell Arms, London UK 


Photo: Rasmus Jensen

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