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New Video: Johnny Flynn – Bottom of the Sea Blues

Having just completed an array of tour dates across Europe, Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit are losing no momentum, with much more lined up over the next year. In fact, touring doesn’t stop for them until the end of August as far as we are currently aware and let’s not overlook the fact that these dates include a quick stop at a little festival you might be familiar with – Glastonbury, is it?

So, one might think that amongst all of this, a band of this stature wouldn’t have time for much else. But fear not. Having earlier this year released their album ‘Country Mile’, Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit have new music coming out of their ears, so to speak. Their latest single, ‘Bottom of the Sea Blues’ is a charming and nostalgic ballad, with more soul than you’ll know what to do with.

Imagine the folky sound of Mumford and Sons or Noah and the Whale, but with more genuine soul and less faff and nonsense in the instruments. Johnny Flynn and co. show an adept appreciation of a vintage sound and all things old fashioned. Heck, if the crackle of vinyl at the beginning of the track isn’t enough to convince you, then how about the fact that vinyl is the first format listed as available to purchase beneath the YouTube video for their latest single?

In short, this gentle and unassuming single is easy listening at its best, and proves that folk-rock in its modern form doesn’t simply stop at the Mumfords. If you’re looking for a band that’s pure and delicate in the most honest of ways, then Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit (or Johnny Flynn, solo artist as he often performs) is the right choice for you.

You can catch Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit on the following dates (or as a solo performance where stated):

3rd May – Live at Leeds, Yorkshire (solo)
4th May – Stag and Dagger, Glasgow (solo)
20th June – Hurricane, Germany
21st June – Southside Germany
29th June – Glastonbury Festival, Somerset
4thJuly – Blissfields, Winchester (solo)
18th July – Curious Festival, Hampshire
8th August – Shrewsbury Flower Festival, Shropshire
10th August – Boomtown Fair, Wiltshire
15-17th August – Lowlands, Netherlands
29th August – End of the Road, Dorset

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