New Video: Indiana – Solo Dancing

Dancing by yourself does not sound very exciting but someone Indiana makes it sexy and steamy all at the same time.

This is defiantly a track ready for the underground clubs, with an edgy Madonna vibe this is a song for all you lovers of disco dancing. It has that 80’s techno vibe to it that makes it a catchy tune.

Solo Dancing has that sort of dark and dirty vibe to it, her voice is very mysterious that as a listener you want to know more about her and find out who she is as an artist.  When you watch the video below, it is totally different to what you expect, you shouldn’t like it but you do.

The song has been repeatedly played on BBC Radio 1 and it’s such a catchy tune, not  one who usually dances alone but she sings “Don’t hold back, my dance devotion, it’s the path that I have chosen, hypnotized by the raw emotion, music stop and the spell is broken” I almost want to join in on her petition and start to go solo dancing.

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