New Music: Lacey – Hometown


Nottingham based pop rockers Lacey are pleased to reveal the details of their brand new single ‘Reach Out’, as well as their upcoming live dates all over the UK.

For fans of Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday, this quartet brings something special to the mix. So much so that Bowling For Soup front man Jaret Reddick invited the quartet on tour with his side project People On Vacation this April.

With inspiration from the likes of great British rock bands Mallory Knox and Deaf Havana, Lacey are hoping this year will force them into the limelight their unique sound undoubtly deserves. With a really clean British rock sound, Lacey have got to be on the path to popularity, with the emotion of You Me At Six and vocals reminiscent of Funeral For a Friend‘s Matt, Lacey have found one new fan here at least.

The band will release new single ‘Reach Out’ on 21st April to coincide with their live dates on the Spring Break UK Tour with Patent Pending and People on Vacation as well as their performance at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival in Nottingham. Keep your eyes peeled for photo’s, an interview and a live review, as Vulture Hound will be at the Birmingham stop on the tour, expecting big things from Lacey, perhaps we’ll see you there?

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