New Music: Grass House – A Thousand Generators

Yorkshire reared, London based four piece Grass House release their new single “A Thousand Generators” on Marshall Teller Records on Monday 14th April and it’s a beautiful example of well crafted musicianship which you have to get your hands on and your ear canals opened.

A Thousand Generators is a song of childish enthusiasm and that fearlessness of youth, powerful drums drive throughout whilst the vocal and lead guitar weave the melodies creating both suspense and elation.

A mysterious intro leads you into the uncertainty but we are soon reassured by the smooth voice of vocalist. The laid back summer vibe is reiterated by the simple yet staple drum beats, which are a constant throughout. Close your eyes whilst the melody takes you on a journey of your fond memories, with a strong sense of nostalgia.

Mirroring the ideals of the song, the video sees the band driving around London getting their friends to jump in their tour van and draw quick pictures. Attempting to assuage those labels of dark or brooding, it is a lighthearted yet poignant look at people returning to more childish pursuits.

The band will celebrate with a release show at the Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston on 10th April at the Servant Jazz Quarters in London.


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