If you are a fan of live, raw music then Rattlesnakes by Blueprint Blue is the perfect track for your ears. Refreshing and rough, the heavy strums and slow drumming creates the perfect chill out tune for summer. Not only did the song want me to reach for the disposable barbecue, sausages and bottles of cider, it was a warm reminder that live music is not dead.

With electronic music seemingly dominating the industry there is a fear that live, ‘real’ music is hanging by a thread. It is reassuring to see groups such as Blueprint Blue surfacing on the musical radar, seemingly ignoring the UK’s demands for dance and electronic music and creating their own niche market.

As a long time fan of The Horrors it was a pleasure to hear that Blueprint Blue recorded their EP at their studio in East London with also the help of The Horrors Joshua Hayward for the engineering of the EP.