Lust for Youth - Epoetin Alfa (Single Review)

Lust for Youth – Epoetin Alfa (Single Review)

Who says decades only last 10 years? Well, whoever decided that didn’t tell Lust for Youth. Like so many other artists at the moment, they’ve decided to bring back the synth-laced 80s because this is the decade of nostalgia.

Sticking nicely to the 80s theme, it does start to feel like it goes on forever. There’s only so many times one can hear “crossed the line” without being driven to insanity. Other lyrics do feature but they’re forgettable and fade into obscurity with the same line over and over again.

At the beginning of the track there was genuine potential, introducing itself with a beat that promises a catchy few minutes that you’ll immediately want to repeat, but an alteration in sound persistence with sticking with the change is its weakness…and ever so slightly whiny vocals. However, those were pretty common in 80s music so they’ve hit the nail on the head in terms of what they were aiming for.

If this were shorter, and it’s 3 and a half minutes long anyway, it would be a much better track to tempt people into buying Interational, the album from which the single is taken, to be released 9th June.


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