Lacey/People on Vacation/Patent Pending (Live Review)

At a packed to the rafters Birmingham 02 Academy 2 show, Vulture Hound were in the mood for a Punky kinda night..

Hitting the stage with a rare freshness and innocence, Lacey look like four lads that will handle the kind of fandom and fame that is bound to catch up to them as their musical career rockets. Innocence meaning they come out with a modesty, that most people that grace a stage tend to lack. They could just be four kids in the crowd, or the stage hands preparing for the band. But once they pick up their instruments, it’s on. They become the rock stars they each were destined to be. Still humble, but delightfully so. They play with precision and clarity with subtle tones of Taking Back Sunday, You Me At Six and Funeral For a Friend. With a focused determination they blast out the tracks to a hungry crowd, this could have been a Lacey show, the support for them within the crowd was tangible. Having heard whispers and whines in the crowd outside pre-show, (some missed the beginning of Lacey‘s set due to door opening/stage time cross-overs) people cared about Lacey, many people were there for Lacey, Patent Pending and People On Vacaion were just a nice bonus!

Second billing went to People on Vacation, Jaret from Bowling For Soup‘s love child with Ryan Hamilton. Playing a chipper sounding array of tracks, some familiar, others less so, the guys went down a storm at the Birmingham 02. People donning POV tees were present in force, and loving every track. With an hour set, the guys also treated the crowd to some BFS songs which were received with rapturous applause and excitement. Jaret also mentioned that he has not split from Bowling For Soup and that we can expect to see them this year at Download Festival.

It is disconcerting to be in a room full of people that are all involved in a scene you weren’t even aware of. Involved may be too weak a description, these peeps were dedicated, fanatical and buzzed about being at this (apparently) hugely anticipated show. The night was sold out. Considering these guys have been touring around the UK for the last few months, there must be a massive demand for their shows.

Patent Pending are a cut and dry pop-punk band. On listening to their recorded tracks you’d think, sure- its okay. Fun and happy sounding, they don’t offer anything offensive to the ear. But nothing new nothing fresh. But Live? These dudes have got spunk and energy, Patent Pending are super entertaining- boy do they put on a show. Highlights must include when two of the band donned armbands and goggles and had a “crowd swim” race..

People On Vacation have an imminent new album, Patent Pending‘s new album ‘Brighter’ is out now and Lacey have an EP ‘Outlaws’ out currently with an album to follow soon!

By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.