Lacey/People on Vacation/Patent Pending (Live Review)

Lacey Interview

We caught up with new kids on the alt-rock scene Lacey after their performance at Nottingham’s Hit The Deck Festival.

How was your set?

It was cool yeah. We are so glad to be here, it was great. We played last year too, the DHP guys really look after us, with support shows and when bands come into town and stuff, and also it’s really good because here in our home town we’ve got a good following. We have some follower fans that are there wherever we play, Brighton or Blackpool which is amazing. We had a drum riser which was amazing, I was like I have got to jump off that and I didn’t, dammit. Next time.

Excited about touring with People on Vacation and Patent Pending?

There was talk of us doing the tour anyway because of Patent pending, who we’ve toured with before. We were at rock city, when Bowling For Soup (Patent Pending supporting) were there with their farewell tour and we happened to be playing, and he came down and caught our set, and chatted about us with the Patent Pending lads, and that was it really.

Bowling For Soup fans?

Oh yeah. Of course. People On Vacation‘s song writing is amazing, Jaret is so funny. And Patent Pending? I’ve never seen a live show like it, I could literally watch them all day, and I will for two weeks on tour.

Any bands you’re planning to check out today?

Erm I’m looking forward to seeing Saves The Day, who I’m really excited about and obviously Brand New, who I’ve seen a thousand times, and are always amazing, not had an album out for like six years, but they’re still amazing, I just don’t care. Check them out, they’re a good band.

So you’re working on your album.. What can we expect?

Josh our guitarist, he described it as our EP’s older cooler brother. It’s sounding bigger, if that’s not too vague a word, a lot of atmosphere, we’ve got three songs laid down already, got another couple written, and some to polish off, and hopefully it’ll be out the back end of this year.

How do you write a song?

It’s meticulous, blood sweat and tears and all that. Music first, then the lyrics, sometimes it clicks, others it takes longer- a little bit of work. It’s gonna sound great, we’re really happy with it.

Is this your First band?

God no. We’ve been in bands since we were kids- 13, 14. We didn’t grow up together, but we’ve been in bands separately. Like I bought my guitar with the plan to make a band, and then learnt to play it after.

When did you find your (singing) voice?

Right back in the day, I started doing backing vocals, but the singer was rubbish, and I was like I can do better than that. Then when we formed the next band, they were like you can sing. And when we started Lacey it was just a given that I’d sing really.


It’s underwear, textile, or girls name. But really, quite fittingly today, it’s after the surname of Brand New‘s frontman Jesse Lacey, so that’s why we’re called Lacey. So if we see him later we’re gonna be like ‘hey we named our band after you’ and see how that goes down.

Single ‘Reach Out’ out now. Album to come soon.

Check them out on a nationwide tour with Bowling For Soup’s Jaret’s new project People On Vacation and Patent Pending.

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