Justice League Director confirmed

Justice League Director confirmed

In news that manages to be both surprising and understandable; Warner Bros. and DC have announced that there will be a Justice League film and that Zack Snyder will be directing.

Bringing Snyder back to direct a third Superman-related film is no great surprise given the cash haul brought in by Man of Steel. The fact that there will be a Justice League film at all may raise some eyebrows. Warner clearly want in on some of the Avengers level money by breaking out the big guns with the group that includes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The last time The Green Lantern appeared on screens he was met with ‘meh’ and with a couple of other characters like Aquaman who might not set the average film-goers heart racing it might actually prove a harder sell to audiences than the sure fire teaming of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.

Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are expected to return for their respective superheroes. Reports suggest that the film will shoot back-to-back with Superman vs. Batman for a 2017 summer release. Other than the forthcoming Superman vs. Batman there are no other plans for solo League member films, by all accounts the Man of Steel sequel will be introducing some of the characters in supporting or minor roles such as Wonder Woman and Cyborg.

Now that Warner Bros. and DC are making the big push will they start to actually rival Marvel films in terms of their output and popularity? One thing is for certain; if you thought that news site feeds were littered with Superhero movie news then strap yourselves in. We promise not to go too overboard.

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