Jewellery Makes The Oufit

I have heard so many times how people pick their accessories to match their outfit, but are they right in thinking that?

Take a minute and think about your clothes hanging in your wardrobe, we all know how to mix and match our favourites to create more options to wear, but that is the extent most people take it to.  What if we thought about our jewellery in the same way?  What if we thought about our jewellery as more than just an accessory, but a way to make our day to day clothes look incredibly special and unique?

Jewellery has always been a part of life, a part of culture, from the ancient Aztecs, Egyptians and Romans to the Kings and Queens of lands far and wide.  It is more accessable now and gives people the ability to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s take your little black dress for example, think of the ways that you can make that dress work for you.  I know I love my LBD and bring it out when I need to but it is the same dress, over and over again.


This hand made chainmaille set with stunning gemstones in black and silver, is a striking set of jewellery and wearing it with the little black dress would in turn give the outfit an air of elegance and sophistication.


Then if you look at a set of jewellery like this one, Lavender Amethyst and Emeralds on Sterling Silver, you can immediately see the difference it would make to your LBD.  Straight away the dress becomes something acceptable for during the day, maybe a day at the races or a wedding.  The pretty tones of the gemstones will create a completely different outfit, more subtle but with just as much impact as the first.


Of course you always have the option with your staple wardrobe piece to go decadent and bold.  The addition to a simple eye catching and incredibly unusual bangle will certainly turn heads.  This bangle is again handmade in copper with amazing natural emeralds adorning it.

When your getting ready for a special event or occasion and are struggling to decide what to wear, think about the fantastic pieces of wearable art you have in your jewellery box, what could you wear to showcase them?   That little black dress can be more than your go to item of clothing, it can be a blank canvas to a world of possibilities.

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  1. Hi This is a brill article These pieces are to die for! Very well done Erica you will go far!

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