Sheffield based High Hazels released their debut EP ‘In the Half Light’ on the 7th April and my goodness, is it easy to listen. If you are in the middle of your exam revision and need some music to get you through it, this is the album for you.

Consisting of four tracks, the High Hazels are reminiscent of the older generation of music, where comparisons could be made to a calmer Oasis. Rich in melody, this is the most easy-listening album I have heard for a long time.

Starting with debut song ‘French Rue’ which relies more heavily on the drum beat to pique the listener’s attention, it then seamlessly progresses into the albums most chilled track, ‘Winter Song’. The beat is then kicked up a notch with a more upbeat ‘Summer Rain’ which was my favourite track on the album. Similar to the likes of the Smiths, it is a feel good song perfect for chilling in your room on a rainy day or if you are in the mood to go for a walk by yourself. ‘Loose Stitches’ is the final song and is the perfect ending to the album; it felt like the closing piece of a live concert and leaves you feeling full of content.

I listened to this album around three times in a row thinking that it was just one continuous song. Whether this is good thing or not you can decide, all I know is that I got to the end of ‘Loose Stitches’ feeling about a hundred times more relaxed.

The High Hazels are supporting The Crookes on tour from April and will be performing at Camden Dingwalls on the 29th April.