Expire's - Pretty Low (Single Review)

Out now is the first new track to be unveiled from Expire’s forthcoming album with the same title, Pretty LowPretty Low will be released June 17th from Bridge Nine Records and features eleven tracks of honest and uncompromising hardcore rock. This LP is the follow-up to Expire’s debut Pendulum Swings which was heralded “one of the best hardcore albums to be released this decade” by Rise HXC.

Since Expire’s formation in Milwaukee, USA in 2009, they’ve released demos and 7 inches, toured the globe numerous times over, hit festival after festival, and released their landmark debut full-length Pendulum Swings in May of 2012. They’ve been on the road almost non-stop over the last two years, with not even a hint of slowing down in 2014. Expire kicked the year off with dates in Japan, Europe and the UK, and have already canvassed the United States.

After the hard work these guys have put in, their epic sound which puts the hard in hardcore is bound to be on the brink of breaking out to the masses, check them out now.

Expire are gearing up for the release of Pretty Low on June 17th