EMA – The Future’s Void (Album Review)

Praised and commended for her debut album, Past Life Matyred Saints, EMA, or Erika Anderson as most people know her, released her newest album The Future’s Void with refreshed vocals and quality production. This feisty and expressive singer sharpens her knife-like talent and pierces our ears with a newfound direction.

This electric-charged album opens with Satellites, a shocking blend of synth and emotional coos. Most importantly, the song sways into a completely new realm in the last ten seconds. This type of switch sets a dark, sullen tone for the rest of the album, soaked in anonymity and despair. So Blonde has an easy-breezy guitar strumming and a soft whispering that you would find in an early 90’s song. No really, where is Stephen Jenkins in this jam? Now, I am always one for a stellar 90’s throwback tune, but the lyrics really do leave something to be desired. The words feel rushed and unemotional, which is the complete opposite of her voice, which I absolutely love.

The sounds, levels, and pitches she reached in Cthulu will bring you to your knees. The Goth teenager inside of me can’t help but love the deeply dark romance built throughout the track. You hear quite a bit of synth through this and ‘Smoulder’s layers, reminiscent of our 80’s slow-jams. Using a silhouetting filter on her voice instantly sends me to a dazed Alice Glass comparison, another powerful front-woman. Flowing into a more accessible number, When She Comes slows this tempered album down and feels highly angelic and isolated from the rest of the album. I still find myself struggling with her lyrics, resulting in a track that feels underdeveloped.

I may not have loved every track on this record, but I am still pleased with the overall product of this duo’s hard labor. There is no question of this girl’s talents and emotional connection to her work. With strong vocal comparisons to Karen O and Kim Gordon, this ex-Gowns singer has something very special to offer. I’m just not sure this album was her winner but I am most certainly going to keep my eye on this one.