Brody Dalle - Diploid Love (Album Preview)

Out with a long awaited return LP on April 29th is Brody Dalle. Known from massive punk outfits, Distillers and Spinnerette, Brody now stands solo with her new album Diploid Love, aside from the few well placed friends who feature on the record.

On first play, a listener may not recognise the Brody we know and love within this record, but after a second go? You realise it IS Brody, but her sound has matured, lost a good 50% of the anger and angst and become more centred and grounded, making this record deeper than any before it. Diploid Love is still punk, meaty punk, and at times heavy, punk, but not exclusively, there are hints of electronica, horns, power ballads and even some sultry mariachi!

One aspect of the record, that initially makes it so not what we’d expect of Brody, is the vocals. On a couple of tracks, you could think it was someone else, leaving her gravelly bass tone behind, Brody  sings smooth, heartfelt, pop-worthy vocals.

Stand out tracks, to name a few, are Underworld the trumpet infused energiser, Don’t Mess With Me a statement of female power, and the first single from the album, the two faced track Meet The Foetus / Oh The Joy, and honestly the list could go on, the stars of this record read just as the track listing.

Out on the 29h of April Diplod Love is a must. Brody is touring the UK now!