Reviewing can be difficult. It’s one thing to write down thoughts on some music you’ve never heard before, as you can judge it with a clean slate. But reviewing something you already love? Now that’s difficult.. Enter Brody Dalle.

Brody Dalle has been on tour promoting her new solo album ‘Diploid Love’. Brody known from previous musical adventures including The Distillers and Spinnerette. She is a power house of punk, emotion, attitude and feminism. She used to be the woman dads warned their daughters about becoming, whilst us daughters aspired to be her. But now she has returned after creating her own family, with a slightly altered attitude, with songs about life and emotions, less ‘FUCK YOU’ and more centred and thoughtful, whilst still strong and empowered.

We caught Brody on the last leg of the UK tour in Birmingham at the 02 Academy. The Beaches, a Canadian female foursome were the support act. With a pretty and feminine look, the sound they produced was quite jarring. They picked up their instruments and rocked out! With an emotive indie/punk altrock sound, their tracks are both head bob-able and lyrical. They call themselves fem-rock, and they have pioneered a new wave of this sassy genre which recall sounds of The Strokes, The White Stripes and The Runaways. Truly putting on a show, this band are interesting and enthralling, drawing you in and truly entertaining.


Walking onto the stage like she’d done so by accident, this unassuming icon is ever the recluse. With a quiet nod to the crowd and a whispered “hello” Brody began her set with a track off the new album. A bolshy move as audiences are known for disliking new songs at gigs, but this one couldn’t have cared less, Brody freaking Dalle was in the room, she could scream-sing the alphabet and we’d all be captivated. The entire set list went down with the crowd brilliantly, old and new songs alike, every performance was gutsy, real and everything you could need or want from a punk show. Brody is such a strong figure, she has such power and presence, yet she seems so introverted, it’s really endearing, using her hair not only as a head banging implement but as a curtain to protect herself from the prying eyes of the world. She’s not a rockstar that regards herself as one, she’s a mother/ a woman/ a wife, who just happens to jam out from time to time- this all adds to her magnetism. Those who say few words, when they finally do speak, it is magnificent.

It was worth the wait. Check out the truly binge-able ‘Diploid Love’ and if you’ve never seen Brody Dalle live, get in line for the next tour asap, she’ll never disappoint.

By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.