Blackout Interview

The Blackout were late to meet us, at our sit down with them at Nottingham’s Hit The Deck on 20th April, but we forgave them.. popularity is never a crime..

“There was a big turn out for the signing, much more than we thought, we didn’t even know it was happening until half an hour before, so we turned up late, and we left late, so sorry about that.”

We met vocalist Gavin and bassist Rhys for a quick chin wag, giving them a most relished ten minute sit down.

Second step on a big festival tour for you- you enjoying it? You ready for your upcoming shows?

Yes, well we had a fairly unrock n roll evening last night, sat in the back of the van for a bit, had a few cans, and then went to bed! Didn’t go out, saving the energy for today and preparing for the big drive ahead, so we’re fresh faced and ready for the day.

How was last nights set at Bristol’s Hit The Deck?

It was really good, smokiest stage I’ve been on in a good while, at one point I could just see a haze, thought I had cataracts, it was a bit scary. It was good, a lot of people turned out, it was strange because we had people coming in waiting for Brand New, and other people that couldn’t get in at all, because obviously the rooms have a capacity, some people couldn’t even get in to see the show. Fairly good crowd anyway. It was amazing, same again today hopefully.

Rock City Basement is a small venue, how do you feel about that?

Same capacity as yesterday I think, but yes small, intimate, should be good. It’s usually fun. There’s a bar right next to the stage, I might pop over during our set, have a drink.. We don’t mind smaller rooms, we’ll play anywhere really, it’s just nice to play. I enjoy the small stages, it’s fun, you can interact more, Gavin fell off a big stage once and nearly killed three photographers, so a smaller stage is probably best.

Do you prefer touring or festivals?

I have an analogy You Me At Six used, it’s kind of a home or away sports analogy: festivals are like an away game, because you have to win fans over, some of your fans are obviously there, but a lot of them don’t know you.

For some reason with festivals people seem to think that you have to be steaming the entire day, so you’re not gonna remember any of the bands you’ve seen anyway, just sit in a tent and get wasted.

You’re playing Merthyr festival, and its in your hometown, that should be nice for you?

Yeah, Merthyr fest is literally just around the corner from my house, I don’t have to spend £5 on chips, I can just go home and make food. It’s cool that something like that is happening in Merthyr, it was cancelled last year, we played the first one, this year is the third year and is bigger than ever, it’s compacted into one day instead of three, that’s better for everybody really, less stress on Merthyr. Anti-Flag, Reel Big Fish, Taking Back Sunday and a lot more to come, that’s good enough for me.

Do you get to check out other bands when you’re playing festivals?

Rhys- Unfortunately not, like there are so many on, like a million today, and we have to do press and stuff, which we enjoy. The main one for me yesterday was Saves The Day, and obviously we had to set up and stuff,  so I couldn’t make it.

(Gav, vocalist- But because I’ve got nothing to set up I watched the whole show and it was brilliant!)

Bastard. Hopefully today we might get a chance to check some bands out if we get a moment.

You’ve had the same line up for 10 years, any tips on happy band life?

Well, we were friends first, as opposed to people that formed to be a band, we were friends and was just like, shall we make a band? That’s how it happened for us. Being on tour, life is hard, and keeping good relationships with people is difficult, you are in such close quarters, if you aren’t close friends before, its easy to see how bands fall apart because personalities clash and stuff like that. It’s mental to see bands that have such different line-ups to when they started, we’ve never had a massive argument, just a little bit of bickering, nothing that’s important, there’s always that with friends, its all about not taking yourself too seriously I guess.

What’s next for you guys?

We’re writing, we got a bunch of stuff ready, nothing set in stone but we’re thinking about maybe doing a self release, a small EP and see where is goes from there. Perhaps EP’s are the way to go, maybe even one every season, instead of an album every year and a half, less of a wait with one big pay off, more of a trickle, you can be constantly present, plus CD’s are so hard to sell nowadays, we’re not on a massive label, or a Lady Gaga with loads of funding. It’s just really tough out there for labels and bands at the minute, self release’s are probably the way forward.

-Thanks for having us!

Big thanks to The Blackout, who are lovely guys, and put on one hell of a show. Doing a massive festival stint this summer, check them out or miss out.