Bear Trade – Blood and Sand (Album Review)

If you are having a bad day and really need to have a creative, musical outlet then Bear Trade is the key to freedom of your frustration.

It sounds soppy but seriously if you are a fan of proper heavy, punk, rock music then their new album Blood and Sand is the right album for you. Though not my favourite genre of music, it is a good head banging album to, well bang your head to I guess. Though to be aware of where you bang your head, here at Vulture Hound we don’t any accidents due to over rocking.

This North East band are unbeknown to me from South Shields, which is being a north east lass myself great to hear.

As I listen to it, especially the track Anathema I can just picture myself at a festival getting covered in mud as you do at festivals but you don’t mind because Bear Trade sound great.  It is just full of rock and roll, so sharp that the guitar just cuts right through you.

There are a lot of songs in Blood and Sand that can give you a headache if listened too much; it can come too much of a good time. With Greg Robson and Callum Goldsbrough on the guitar, Peter Morley on the drums and Lloyd Chambers on the bass it is an over powering album. Like Blood and Sand it doesn’t always mix well, their track Not Everything Makes A Noise is classic example of this. I was surprising something softer and mellower, still emulating the edge of rock and roll. However I was completely wrong, it is noisy and a clutter of everything rock and roll, imagine if the genre that through up then this is what it would sound like.

The album is such an anthemic album; it is an uplifting piece that makes you feel proud to be from the North East even if you are not from the North East, speaking of which they taking their album on tour to the Cluny in Newcastle in May 6th if you fancy checking them out and seeing more of their rock and roll lifestyle.

Photo: Kristianne Drake

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