6 Fashion Trends for Men

Menswear has fast become more of a focus within the fashion world, and as a result there is no shortage of new trends that you can begin to integrate into your wardrobe.

1. Utilitarian

Think mechanic meets military, with belted jackets, multiple pockets, and thick, heavy materials featuring in the majority of looks. Classic sophistication has been brought back through this look, with use of traditional fabrics.

2. Checks/Tartan

Tartan is no longer solely reserved for the Scotts and your nan’s winter blanket.  From a statement tartan jacket, to a subtler shirt or tie, the opportunities for incorporating tartan into your everyday look are endless.




3. Preppy

Fresh from American prep brings fourth the youth playfulness of bright colours and plunging lapels. Wool quilted fabrics and polo tees also make a bold appearance.

4. Contrast Panelling

Applied to outwear in blocks of print and colour, contrast panelling allows you to pull of fashion forward looks without much effort whatsoever.

5. Overcoats

Overcoats give a tailored finish to any outfit with the use of premium fabrics and statement prints emphasises the traditional silhouette. A trend for both the formal dresses and for those who can team an overcoat with a plain t-shirt, jeans and trainers, finally something we can all enjoy.

6. Granddad Knits 

Geometric, vintage-inspired jumpers are creping back into the fashion world for a 1970s style statement. Time to get to those charity shops fellas.


As far as this list proves, men’s fashion is defiantly something to look out for this year.


Images from Morguefile.com


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