Tycho Awake Album Review

If you’re looking for vocal-free music with an overriding sense of effortless and originality, then Tycho’s brand new album, Awake, is definitely one for the iPod.

The solo project, courtesy of Scott Hansen, has recently performed as a trio with the inclusion of Zac Brown and Rory O’Connor. March 18th 2014 saw the release of Awake, pre-empting a short European tour beginning on March 26th at Oval Space in London.

Bridging the gap between the new wave of electronic music and the artificial elements of 80’s soft rock, Tycho have definitely found themselves a niche in the musical market.

The eponymous opening track on the album wouldn’t be out of place in a band like The 1975’s roster. Having said that, the rest of the album is nothing short of idiosyncratic.

The first two minutes of the track Apogee introduces drum and bass with electronically induced backing music and gentle tones. The latter part of the same song then seems to present an entirely different genre altogether.

The album features eight interlude-esque songs, each with their own prominent individuality and distinguishability. And by interlude, I only refer to the soothing elements that these short, melodic bursts of music share.

Whether it be stress caused by the impending exam season or the continuous stresses of working life, Tycho will most definitely cause a peaceful equilibrium within any new listener.

Check out their brand new album here.