The Maze Runner (Film Review)

The Maze Runner is another film about teens trapped in dystopia in the same vain as The Giver which we recently took a look at. Only this film has a central premise that the viewer can really latch onto. The maze itself is a vastly monolithic creation, a cement garden of titanic proportions. It is something that The Giver trailer didn’t have, an intense piece of iconography to be excited about, an intriguing, mysterious entity to capture our imaginations, making us want to see more. Whereas The Giver gave away most of its intrigue to persuade the viewer to tag along, The Maze Runner entices us with baffling questions instead of pedestrian answers. The cast is also something to get excited about with a great selection of young actors including Bafta Rising Star Award winner Will Poulter and Game of Thrones’s Thomas Brodie-Sangster. It’s like looking a line-up of future Marvel villains.