Trailer Watch: The Giver

The latest in the recent trend of movies that put teen renegades at the centre of a struggle with a totalitarian state, The Giver has an unusual difference to the rest of this recent crop of adolescent Orwellian adventures. It’s based on a book that’s over twenty years old.  A bona fide classic of teenage fiction, The Giver – written by Lois Lowry – centres around Jonas, a boy chosen as the Receiver of Memory, who finds this new responsibility reveals the cracks in their society. The theme of rebellious teen vs. overbearing parent  is more apparent in this story than in oh say, The Hunger Games and while it is perhaps true that the book invented many of the tropes this genre has exploited over the years, that doesn’t stop it looking any less generic when compared to the recent competition. The concept of a society built upon the foundation of taking freedom away from its citizens in order for them to not kill each other is one that has been explored in many works before and since the novels publication in 1993. Here it seems it is the filmmakers who are the ones overbearing with the bluntness of their themes.