Timer Timbre – Curtains?! (Single Review)

Timer Timbre – Curtains?! (Single Review)

Staying true to their intoxicating and dark ambience, Timber Timbre hits the nail on the head with their most recent single Curtains?!. The one-of-a-kind band brings an ominous and darkly layered sensuality through their silky bass and blurred guitars.  Frontman Taylor Kirk’s deep and mesmerizing melody suits this 70’s psychedelic vibe to a T. The hall effect on Kirk’s voice lends a spooky feel and haunts you throughout the song, which describes the life of a man whose career has fallen and double life has been exposed.

The obvious signs of how their sound has matured are both exciting and intriguing. After given such high praise for Creep On Creepin’ On, Timber Timbre sure has set the bar high, which they are apparently looking to surpass with Hot Dreams. I’d say they’re off to a fantastic start.

Check out Timber Timbre’s new album Hot Dreams out March 31st via Full Time Hobby.

Jaclyn South

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