The Zero Theorem: Trailer Watch

The Zero Theorem is the long awaited directorial return of Terry Gilliam and, by the looks of this trailer, the spiritual successor to his most Iconic film Brazil. All his trademarks are there, the insanely stylized locations, the oddly distinct protagonist, the flights into fantasy and the curious British mundanity. The film follows Christoph Waltz as he tries to uncover the secret of humanities existence, a typically ambitious theme for Gilliam to take on. The world he creates is suited to those ambitions as it combines the ordinary with the bizarre and the strange with the dull. It looks extraordinary, mind bending and intellectual, never things I pass up in a cinematic invitation. The problem I have, if any, is the recycling of elements from other films. The style is so Terry Gilliam it feels almost as he’s plagiarising himself. It’s borrowed the industrial style of Brazil, the protagonist of 12 Monkeys, the unfortunate CGI of Dr. Parnassus. It’s almost as if he’s created a greatest hits package of his work, and while that’s fine as a nostalgic trip, its not as satisfying as a great piece of new material.