The Witch Hunt - Little Book of Hate (EP Review)

The Witch Hunt – Little Book of Hate (EP Review)

Duos are always hard to pinpoint. It’s hard to create a successful duo band simply because the more musicians you have (up to a certain point), the richer the sound is. The Witch Hunt is a Leeds-based two-man band. Singer Louisa’s voice sounds like a mix between Feist and Florence and the Machine. With such an ethereal voice, you wouldn’t expect her to meld well with guitarist Chris’s hard lead riffs. However, the two seem to mesh perfectly.

Their five song EP Little Book of Hate has a good mix of strength and softness. There’s the soft indie track “Basement,” and the edgier alternatives songs like “Army Man.” The only wish I have is that they would give pause at certain points in songs to let individual elements stand out. It’s like a comma in the middle of a long sentence. Let Louisa’s vocals have their moment, or let Chris’s chorus really hit hard.

Either way, The Witch Hunt is off to a great start with Little Book of Hate.

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