The Presence LDN - YA YA POP (EP Review)

The Presence LDN – YA YA POP (EP Review)

The Presence LDN attempted a seemingly fail-proof sound. They combined the best of many pop genres (early-‘60s rock, electro-pop, and late-‘80s power guitar), but somewhere along the lines, something went very wrong.

There’s just something about the songs on Presence LDN’s EP titled YA YA POP that sounds very grating. It’s as if they’re trying too many different personas at once. Even the band members themselves physically portray this genre schizophrenia. In their introduction video, their seems to be a meaning behind every aspect of the group. It makes it feel like they’re playing to make a statement, not to make music.

One song that I did enjoy, however, was Killer on the YouTube.The song is the band’s attempt at southern soul rock, and I have to admit they hit the nail on the head on that one. There’s a truly fantastic guitar intro, driving drum and bass, and somewhere in the background someone is playing a fabulous harmonica. This song, in itself is hard and gritty, and I love it.

If Killer on the YouTube proves anything, it’s that when The Presnece LDN focuses, they can make great music. But for this album, they pulled themselves in too many directions.

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