Pop Pop Bang Bang and Bite Your Tongue

New Music: Chantal Claret

Chantal Claret’s debut as a “feisty rocked up soul-pop” singer was entertaining. Her first couple of released songs like Pop Pop Bang Bang and Bite Your Tongue are full of jazzy rhythms and great drum beats. However, for me that’s where the entertainment goes from band-I-would-drive-three-hours-to-see level excitement, to I’ll-dance-to-it-if-they’re-the-only-band-playing.

Their unique in the fact that not a lot of bands these days go for the big band feel, however as history goes to show only a few can do it well. Chantal Claret’s no exception. She’s fun. Her energy can get a room on their feet. But, from the few song’s I’ve listened to, her voice seems to stay consistently on one note. There’s nothing in it that makes me want to keep listening.

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