Morrissey and Marshall - And So It Began (Album Review)

Out with their debut album and first single this month are Morrissey and Marshall, a new and interesting Irish duo on the scene. With solely acoustic guitars, their sound is organic and timeless, the album And So It Began highlights the pairs luminous song writing, and goose-bump inducing harmonies. The album is mellow and light, their style is folk-rock with influences including The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys and Simon & Garfunkel prevalent in their sound. A stand out song on the record is I’ve Got a Plan which is the pairs first single, the song is positive and meaningful with the lyrics reading “Take a second and think just how easy it is/To smile and make everyone smile”. A similarly affirmative message of self-belief runs through You Are Who You Are with its final declaration: “You are who you are, the centre the truth/This world is waiting for you.”  Other tracks worth a mention are:  Mantra: is haunting, short but sweet, and And So It Began: is uplifting and meaningful.

The pair are a very welcome addition to the singer-songwriter genre. The songs are insightful, persistent and often spiritual. The single I’ve Got A Plan out now! Album And So it Began out 31st March. Free download from of album track We Are One available now!