When you hear the band name Metals, you think ‘Well, maybe it’s hardcore-progressive with an obscure name”. Nope. Not even close. I am blown away by this creative duo, not only because I love female-male music collabs (re: Crystal Castles), but also because this is so different than anything I have ever heard.

Setting you up with a synthesized instrumental, ‘Walls And Walls’, positions the high production tone of the four-song EP. Lead singer Ehsan Gelsi hits you hard with her unflinching lyrics and wide range vocals, starting with well-constructed verses in ‘Shake It’. She showcases her true talent and love for rapping in this song, something I never thought I would enjoy in my world of loud drums and guitars. Chris Coe’s production talents are wildly apparent from start to finish, leaving me swaying my hips in my chair. The duo’s cameo in ‘This Ain’t Real Love’ is refreshing and reminiscent of 90’s techno, giving me so many feelings of nostalgia.

With the album dropping tomorrow, March 20th, I highly recommend adding this out-of-the-norm duo to your collection.

Stream the album here and watch the rather strange and diverse video for ‘Shake It’ over here!