Loveable Rogues – The Birmingham Institute (Live Review)

Friday 21st March, The Birmingham Institute: Loveable Rogues. With The Temple sold out, the Rogues must have been pleased with the turn out- all from two songs on one TV talent show. Finishing fourth on Britain’s Got Talent, the bands debut album is imminent.

Considering their TV standing, the crowd shouldn’t be a surprise, the classic pop star, Beatles mania-like crew of screaming girls, on mass, head-achingly loud, I’d take a Metal crowd over them any day, no questions. But what was a surprise- the amount of older fans, middle-aged people, grey haired people- proper diggin’ the tunes, donning LR t-shirts and grooving along.

Loveable Rogues are a young and multi-talented group, three London lads, making music and loving it. Without moving from their spots they exuded such energy and life. Their sound is so fresh and new, its fun and its light. “Lovesick” was the hit of the night, it being the song they performed for their initial BGT audition, the crowd knowing every word and singing it with tenacity equal to the boys themselves. Considering the guys have not released any music, the fans bafflingly knew almost every song, and these weren’t covers- every track the band painstakingly finessed.

Truly a media sensation, Loveable Rogues are bound to do big things, they are very talented and have created a sound that’s all their own. Along with everyone else there that night, I shall await their album release. I recommend you do likewise.

Sporting a “I am a Loveable Rogue” wristband from the merch stand, we leave The Institute into the cold Birmingham air, and on to the ridiculous traffic. It was worth it.

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