Jim Kroft – Threads (Video Review)

Threads is a sparse and ethereal song from Scottish Berlin musician Jim Kroft. Kroft’s falsetto provides angelic singing over simple music. The song is about walking snowy streets while remembering a lost loved one, though it also comes across as a love song to nature and life itself. Kroft does everything with a delicacy that shows you the beauty of every part of life.

The video is a series of seemingly unrelated images, from snowy fields and elephants in Africa to the Large Hadron Collider and spent bullet cartridges tumbling to the ground. It shouldn’t work with a song so sparse and ethereal, the images should clash with the music, yet they complement each other, the mood of the song and video matching perfectly. This should come as no surprise: as one of the last musicians to be signed up to EMI before it was taken over by Universal, Kroft suddenly found himself without any promotional support, so he established the company Kroft Films to support himself financially.

Threads is artsy and experimental whilst being completely listenable. The music video would be just at home in the Tate as it would on your iPod.

Threads is taken from the album Lunatic Lullabies, to be released April 14th.