Glory Glory - Indigo Son (Single Review)

Glory Glory – Indigo Son (Single Review)

Do you like your music to be a confusing mix of old and new? Well, Glory Glory would appreciate it if you were to direct your attention in their direction. They’ve got a new EP coming out April 1st and are hoping the world won’t see it is a joke.

Indigo Son is one of the tracks featured on upcoming ‘So Long’ and has some brand power behind it. Producer/mix engineer Justin Gerrish has took a break from helping out bands like Vampire Weekend and The Strokes to give Glory Glory a hand getting on the ladder to stardom.

Right away, there’s the intro to deal with (obviously). Either a lot of thought went into this or barely any at all. It’s like hearing a load of tracks from different genres all at the same time. From this there are 2 possibilities: (1) you’ve come up with a hybrid genre that will take off and be the next big thing (2) it sounds like a complete and utter mess. For this track it just seems a little out of place, as what follows doesn’t sound like a jazz/rock/synth conglomeration, it’s three minutes of steady melody that would accompany being on a boat drifting out to sea. Even the lyrics/vocals sound like they’re drifting off. This kind of relaxation-inducing calm is becoming increasingly popular amongst bands that are trying to make a name for themselves, so get used to it now.

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