Fanfarlo (Simon Balthazar, Leon Beckenham, Justin Finch and Cathy Lucas) have released their latest tune ‘Cell Song’, taken from the album Let’s Go Extinct, which is released on the 31st of March on the band’s own label New World Records.

The track is a classic piece of indie soundscape with guitar driven melodies. The video though, is perhaps the highlight of the whole thing. It utilises the revolutionary technique of stop-motion (okay, not quite so revolutionary. Wallace and Gromit owe their existence to this method) with a cascade of esoteric science-y imagery like cells, brains and an assortment of body parts. Nice. All thanks to the work done by the talented Ewan Jones.

Whilst science and the weirder parts of our bodies aren’t usually ingredients in perfect pop formula, the song comes off well regardless, take a listen below.