CHAMPS – St Peter’s (Music Video)

With a name like St Peter’s, you wouldn’t expect any less than the melancholic and somewhat spiritual vocals that accompany the soothing guitar riff throughout CHAMPS’ new song.

The two brothers from the Isle of Wight recently released this four minute track, along with their debut album Down Like Gold, on the 24th February 2014. It’s not just their genetics that are similar, as their soothing voices intertwine and soar like audible vines with heavenly consequences.

Although the clinical purity of the predominantly white video is juxtaposed by the reoccurring deaths and visuals of snow littered with blood, Michael and David Champion restore the immaculateness of the song with their calming vocals.

With typically folk notes, CHAMPS tell as much of a story with their lyrics as the video does, despite the correlation remaining ambiguous, in my opinion at least! However, the link between the two isn’t necessary, as the pair do no wrong in their attempt to create peaceful music, and in turn gaining a new fan in the form of one young writer.

In case CHAMPS and their faultless vocals haven’t won you over yet, have a listen here and treat your eyes to a video just as good.