Forget what you know about rockabilly music because Black Lips is reinventing that. With raw vocals and rough guitars, this eccentric band goes in the completely different direction than most 50’s era music, which can be slightly overproduced. I will admit, this album is most certainly a grower (it has to grow on you). But after about three listens, I wanted to buy some high-waisted jeans, slap on some red lipstick, and slip into a leather jacket. And the vinyl-phile in me can’t help but think this album would be stellar on 180-gram wax.

Mixing that new age synth with an old age tempo, ‘Funny’ lends a married rhythm and diverse take on their sound. The climax of this album started with ‘Dorner Party’, picking up the pace a little with the drums, which I’m always a fan of. Slipping into something more comfortable in ‘I Don’t Wanna Go Home’ and ‘Dandelion Dust’, you can definitely feel producer Patrick Carney of the Black Keys come through the guitars and that ever-so-sweet tambourine. The album shifts shapes towards the tail-end and leaves you wanting more.

With ‘Underneath The Rainbow’ you get taken on this trip to a hazy night back in 1956, driving in your friend’s Ford Thunderbird down a winding road and smoking cigarettes you keep rolled in your sleeve. The new / old era blending is just what we all needed from Black Lips in our over-sensitised digital era.

Listen to the full album here and watch a behind the scenes video over here!