Vulkano – Choir of Wolves (Video Review)

Vulkano – Choir of Wolves (Video Review)

Swedish two-woman Riot Grrrl band Vulkano recently arrived on the UK music scene when they supported Kate Nash.

Talking about their single, Choir of Wolves, lead singer/drummer Cissi Efraimsson says, “We want people to let the animal out more often.” You do get this idea when in the video they’re eating raw meat on a mountain top, but the effect it diminished somewhat by the designer fur coats they wear. The actual song doesn’t do a much better job of being animalistic either. It’s too cute, rather than the punk-esque feel I think they were going for – so cute it becomes bland, irritating even.

They do take punk’s looseness, i.e. everything not quite fitting together, creating chaos, but somehow still working. This can work, but not in Choir of Wolves, where Vulkano lack the aggression or catchiness to make it work. Instead, we get a forgettable indie pop song with little depth.

Live Wild Die Free, the album Choir of Wolves is taken from, is released 3rd February.

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