Trailer Watch: Guardians of the Galaxy

Boy have I been waiting for this one. The film staring Bradly Cooper as a raccoon, Vin Deisel as a tree and Dave Bautista as anything. The Guardians of the Galaxy represents Marvels biggest risk yet. After achieving global success with a Norse god from outer space, Marvel seem to be using GOTG to see just how far you can push audience expectation. If they can buy a group with only one traditional human and a some of the biggest misfits in the universe, they will buy anything. GOTG is Marvel’s ticket to opening up the whole roster of their history, no matter how wild, bizarre or fantastic. You gotta be rooting for this one.

The trailer itself is an exercise in sheer confidence. A teaser the length of a theatrical, the film introduces the concept and characters while whetting your appetite, but it doesn’t let you in on any of the plot. With James Gunn at the helm I’m guessing the film will be pretty light on plot and fairly high in anarchy.

It starts with an Indiana Jones-esque introduction to the groups leader Star-Lord. That’s smart. A nice familiar introduction to our host; let them know exactly what kind of hero he is whilst easing them in to the ninety minutes of insanity that will surly follow. Then we meet the rest of the gang, but crucially we don’t hear them speak. You know the theory that great, iconic characters are recognisable through their silhouettes alone? Well that’s kind of the theory here, the characters sell themselves with their appearance and one token gesture. Drax looks around him menacingly, trying to find an arse to kick or a face to smash, Gamora gives a sadistic smirk and Groot kinda just bends down because he’s so damn tall we can’t see his face.

There is a montage of action, but the main selling point is the comedy. Chris Pratt is hilarious, James Gunn knows how to bring laughs into a genre flick and the outro music is the greatest and most left field ever used in a trailer. Some of it might me a little too contemporary for its own good (the A-Hole joke didn’t work for me, far too trendy and a little pandering) but this has just made my most anticipated film of the year a very real contender for the best film of the year.