Radstewart – Insane Parties (Single Review)

Radstewart – Insane Parties (Single Review)

Radstewart’s new single Insane Parties is adolescent, about fitting in and whether fitting in is worth it if it comes at the expense of being just like everybody else. It’s made for the thirteen-year-olds who don’t like Justin Bieber, for teenagers who can’t wait to grow a few years older so they go to disappointing and ultimately unfulfilling parties.

Radstewart’s debut EP sold out, but just like their pun name – it’s funny at first, but the joke soon gets old – Insane Parties has a sound that’s likely to age badly, so it’s best to listen sooner rather than later while you can still appreciate it, and before they piss in a bucket and get arrested for drink driving.

It’s not a bad song, but as indie-pop songs go, it’s nothing outstanding. Like many pop songs, the lyrics aren’t as deep and meaningful as they first appear, but they do win some points for the lines “If you go out and get drunk/in a Native American headdress/you’re a cunt.”

Their new EP, Wiccans & Beatlemancers, is out 17th March, and they’ll be touring the UK in February and March.

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