In the movie “Moneyball” they talk about how some young baseball players are ‘five tool players’.  These fabled prospects are super talented with a huge amount of potential and no apparent weaknesses.

Nina Nesbitt surely does seem like a bit of a five tool player.  Good looking, charming and equipped with a rich singing voice that is somewhere between Lana del Ray and Jessie Ware, her music is a slick, high gloss pop music and she’s written a pop song that couldn’t be more current.

The video and song are about a girl who has been jilted and is now taking photos and sharing them with the internet and her ex; these “selfies” are designed to make him regret leaving her and maybe want her back.  The song is sweet enough, a simple progression to a catchy but not necessarily striking chorus.

The music is a basic drum beat, sounding like it’s come from a drum machine and whilst it gives the song a decent beat, the music is not overly engaging.  The song, like the video, is all about Nina and her voice and her image.  She’s very pretty and engaging in the video and has a winning smile that will be a killer weapon in a pop career.

Selfies in modern pop culture are possibly one of the most empty gestures a human being can make, summing up the narcissistic and vapour thin “Social-Media Age”.  The song, whilst sweet and poppy, isn’t much more substantial than the era that it comments on.  Whether this is a irony or not will become clearer with her subsequent releases.