Maelstrom – Discord (EP Review)

Maelstrom – Discord (EP Review)

Maelstrom releases three new electro tracks on his EP Discord. Maelstrom grew up in grimy, Techno-filled warehouses, and now works on his own music and nights in the same sort of places. He has releases on Boys Noize, Sound Pellegrino, and other labels I’ve never heard of.

You spend the first two minutes listening to the title track, Discord, wondering when it’s finally going to kick off. But then nothing else comes, just the same techno beats going on and on.

Maybe when high or drunk in a night club, it’d feel different, and that’s obviously the whole point, but even then, played in the kinds of places it was designed for, it’s not one of the tracks you’re likely to remember.

It felt like it would fit perfectly in a video game like Wipeout – a game set in a futuristic world where you race spaceship/hover car hybrids as bright lights and holograms flash past – but in those kinds of games, the music is firmly in the background – it’s important because it adds to the whole feel of the game – but not that important.

The other two songs on the Discord EP (Tank Driving and Scanner) follow in a similar vein, so it can be a struggle to tell them apart.

Discord is out 24th February.

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