David Bronson - One Simple Myth (Video Review)

According to the press release, the footage for this video was taken from David Bronson’s MFA thesis, which means the video is essentially a student project. It certainly explains the quality. Awkward shifts from comic book to reality with little thematic or aesthetic qualities to link the two; pans mingle messily with zooms and focus changes; scenes switch with little to connect or introduce them. All of these are hallmarks of a production, the conditions of which, were beyond the power of the producers. Some of these things can be forgiven or overlooked, but the most glaring fault is that the abruptness of the edits do not mesh with the ethereal quality of the song.

The song itself hypnotic, the first seconds have a hazy quality, like the song is just waking up and taking stock of its surroundings, like it needs a few seconds to remember where and what it is supposed to be. The rest is a tour through a dreamland; the twang of a guitar dances in the foreground, and in the back, a pair of welcoming and reassuring voices glide over a distant, fading bass. It’s a shame the video wasn’t able to replicate those ghostly qualities.

David Bronson – One Simple Myth (Official) from David Bronson on Vimeo.