Daughtry – Baptized (Album Review)

Daughtry – Baptized (Album Review)

After almost a year away Daughtry are back with their fourth studio album: Baptized.

Daughtry are a six-piece band from North Carolina USA. Daughtry’s front man- Chris Daughtry came into awareness when he was a finalist in the fifth season of American Idol. Viewers were taken with the rock singer on the normally commercial pop show, and placed him fourth. Perhaps four is Daughtrys lucky number, as they’re fourth album boasts everything you’d expect from them and more.

Baptized is classic rock but with a pop edge. Its subtle, its lyrical and moving. Its not “Emo” yet it is filled with emotion. Songs of note for me, include “Long live Rock and Roll” which is catchy and fun with it teaching that Rock is music for the soul, and its best to never grow up. “Traitor” is another great track which is more Rock than the rest of the album. Daughtry can be rough, or smooth, hard or soft. They’ve got a very particular sound, and I think its one that fans of most genres can appreciate. With the obvious talent of both the band and vocalist, Daughtry have got to be a cracking band to see live.

Daughtry are Touring the UK towards the end of March


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