Conway Hustler Video Review

Conway – Hustler (Video Review)

Cramming more costume changes into her new video Hustler than an amateur production of Joseph & His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, former bassist and singer in All Wrong and the Plans Change Conway certainly has a knack for catching your eye. Over the space of three and a half minutes she appears in a gold spandex jumpsuit that was last in fashion around the time Logan’s Run was filmed, as a bored looking snow queen with no-one to foist Turkish Delight onto and dressed in an ill-fitting suit with a stocking pulled halfway over face, perhaps as a homage to American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman.

The music is fairly unremarkable stop-start, vaguely dub flavoured pop that relies on a lot of crashing beats and breaks. Conway’s voice however is clear and forceful with just the right amount of attitude. Having already co-wrote and performed on a song featuring on the Star Trek Into Darkness OST and collaborating with renowned photographer Zach Gold, who also directed the video shown here, it’s likely that Conway will become even more impossible to ignore as time progresses. And for the record, there’s no relation between myself and Conway. Well there is but… oh screw it.

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