Centiment (Live Review)

Centiment (Live Review)

After almost four years under construction Centiment are touring the country with their Debut Album Streets of Rage. The album is billed as “Geeky gamer tech metal” which is evident in the album title. The album came to life through a pledge website where fans donate to help get the album made. Having said that, the album sounds polished and uber professional. Formed of InMe’s Gazz Marlow and the McPherson brothers the trio welcome Neil Howard and Mark Shurety to create Centiment.

We caught them at Nottingham Rock City along with their support acts They Say Fall and Hieroglyph. They Say Fall started the night with their specific flavour of post-hardcore rock, the North Lincolnshire band didn’t let their biggest-crowd-to-date phase them, and completed their set energised and without fault.

With their Progressive-Metal sound, reminiscent of Evanescence, Hieroglyph experimented on us, as the gig was their first with a new line up. Although the lead singers were decent, and the musicians obviously talented, it wasn’t great, in time they will hone their sound, presence and mesh together as a band, but sadly they are not there yet.

And then came Centiment. The once pretty comfortable atmosphere suddenly became cramped and anticipatory. The room filled, and the lights dimmed. Juxtapose to that, a chipper super-mario brother’s tune welcomed the band to the stage, and their sound hit like a wall. Centiment are a force, the music is powerful and emotive. After listening to the album at home the sound of the venue did not do them enough justice, but it still sounded great. For saying this is a debut album the gig was full, and not of random Joe’s. These were folk that knew every song, every word.

Centiment are definitely on the road to success, look them up and get in on this early, or else you’ll be missing out. Streets of Rage is out now.

Kimberley Bayliss