Camden Rocks 50 Bands

A literal shit ton of bands announced for the prestigious North London rock festival. I’ll stop wasting your precious time and just list them. That is why you clicked on the link after all.

The Blackout, Orange Goblin, Ginger Wildheart, Hacktivist, The Virginmarys, Blitz Kids, Colt 45, Los Pepes, Turbowolf, Nine Black Alps, Acoustic TV (Terrorvision’s Tony Wright), The Howling, Crazy Arm, Apologies, I Have None, God Damn, Hounds, Hang The Bastard, Exit International, Deadcuts, Electric River, Turbogeist, Generation Graveyard, Dolomite Minor, Sons Of Icarus, The Dogbones, Tankus The Henge, LTNT, VerseChorusVerse, Menshevik, Los Pepes, Dead, The One Hundred, Verses Knights, The Front, IC1’s, Dead Eye Mariners, Panic The Vulture, Dead Sea Skulls, Paris Pickpockets, Stereo Juggernaut, The Parade, The Dirty Truth, Charlie And The Band Of Demons, Itamar, The Broken Chords, My Little Empire, Voodoo Vegas, Saint Agnes, Death Koolaid and Dirty Harrys.

You know the craziest thing about this announcement? This isn’t even it. There are more to come. This festival takes place in half a day, not even the full 24 hours, just 12. No wonder they have to have over twenty venues to hold them all.

Personally? I’m heading down to check out Orange Goblin and Nine Black Alps. Who are you excited about?