Tennis - Mean Streets (Single Review)

Tennis – Mean Streets (Single Review)

The new single Mean Streets by Tennis is easy-listening radio’s wet dream. A sweet and mellow female lead coupled with a steady drum tempo, and a little piano lilt accompanying light guitar riffs. But aside from hearing the single in perhaps a Target shopping aisle, Tennis doesn’t give me any desire to download straight from iTunes.

Technically there’s nothing particularly wrong with the song, but there’s also nothing spectacular about it either. There are no standout vocals, no lyrics that hit you right in the heart, no instrumental solos. It’s just sweet, bubbly, sedative pop.

Perhaps it’s just a matter of finding a genre that fits their sound better. I can almost imagine the duo going full tilt and angling towards a more bluesy, sultry, singer-pianist composition. They would fare well in a more bare-bones version of Lake Street Drive.

Again, to give them credit, the song isn’t terrible, but it’s not going to shoot Tennis up to the top 50. Their EP Small Sound, which features Mean Streets, is set to drop in February of 2014. Hopefully there will be a few more brand defining songs on the album.

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