Sea Change – Let’s Dance (Single Review)

Let’s face it; there’s not much cooler than Scandinavia right now is there?  Between the massive success of TV shows like “Borgen”, “The Bridge” and of course “The Killing” and musicians like Röyksopp, Gianna Factory and Little Dragon; these northern countries are delivering a powerful cultural wave.

Sea Change; AKA Ellen Sundee, is a new Norwegian born artist who is looking to join this eclectic collection of musicians and to create a niche for herself within it.  With her brand of cool, soulful electronica, she’s got a fighting chance and her début album is due out in August.

“Let’s Dance” is a very calm, reflective song.  It’s initially quite simple as vocals mix with a drum machine loop and crisp synth chords that gradually build up until the middle of the track when the tempo gets faster.  Whilst the song is never really a dance track, it’s far from a sleep ambient tune.

The track grows and grows towards a rich finale, which is alive with glowing electronica and swirling vocals.   The vocals are crisp, soulful and a little bit strange.  Something in Ellen’s accent makes her words stand out, like snow flakes.  The sound recalls early Goldfrapp.

This is a startling and exciting track by an interesting new artist.  Her other tracks to follow have a different approach, a different feel and it looks like the tempest of interesting artists coming down from Scandinavia has gotten another member.


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